Barramundi Blanket - Annette Lormada

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Martuwarra - Sonia Kurarra

Flash Minky - Recycled Cotton Blanket
122 x 180cm


Annette Lormada is a Walmajarri artist who currently lives in Fitzroy Crossing. Lormada is probably one of the coolest humans on earth, painting river animals with Keith Haring pizzazz! Despite the fact that Lormada only began painting a few years ago, she has developed a bold, personal visual language that reflects her unique, dry sense of humour and a fresh perspective.

"Martuwarra is my river country; this painting is all about the Fitzroy River which flows down through Noonkanbah where I grew up. Barramundi has painted itself and they are dancing around for that dreaming story, the circles are their air bubbles that come up to the surface as they dance. We copy it and sing for that story too. Kalpurtu (creator serpent-type being) also live in these rock holes and he made all them fish. Barramundi lives in any water, but the rivers it's good to eat I love eating barramundi."