Panic! Blanket - John Prince Siddon

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Panic! - John Prince Siddon

Flash Minky - Recycled Cotton Blanket
140 x 140cm


John Price Siddon is a critically acclaimed Walmajarri artist who works with Mangkaja Arts in Fitzroy Crossing. Like many men from the Kimberley, Prince spent his early years working on cattle stations, until he lost his leg in a horse riding accident. His work could be described as animated, full of action. The action may or may not be related however – like it’s not always linear. Although Prince does not often discuss the Narrangkarni (dreamtime), desert iconography is encrypted in his work in uncanny places. Walmajarri cosmology is undoubtably part of his work, his paintings could be viewed as vignettes of the epic characters of the Narrangkarni (Dreamtime). Moreover, they can be seen as grand morality tales for the modern world, technicolour occult.

Panic specifically references the bush fires and features animals stacked up surrounded by fire.