My Last Muster - Adult T-Shirt

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The t-shirt features the artwork by John Prince Siddon and his autograph, the back features the Mangkaja logo. The t-shirts are printed in Perth using Australian brand AS Colour cotton t-shirts. 

"Was when I was about 20 I think. Early one morning on a cold morning, don't know the month or year when your out in the bush. You dont want to know the time, the year or month, you just focus on your job and what your doing, working on the land. 

My experience on a horse takes me back to when I was a teenager, 17 or 18 years old. But thats another story, I will get to the main one. 

So we got saddled up, picked up the best horse to muster that day. Off we went. There were about five or six men, me and Roger were the youngest.  He had more experience than me. I'm just Johnny come lately.  Anyway we started to push them cattle towards east I think. Couple of cattle started to gallop west toward the main bush hide out.  Thats when I came full gallop just to try to wheel them to the east. All I can remember is the voice of Harold Brown and Roger telling me "dont move! Help is on the way". The pain started to flow, started getting dizzy, started to scream, it was too much for me.  They handed me up on a 4WD Toyota still screaming on the back. 

We were heading toward Noonkanbah Station, thats what we used to call it back then. My leg was already swelled up, dirty blood was going inside my vain. I was screaming, we had to stop just to straighten me up. Nobody told me my led was badly damaged. Nobody said nothing. They told me to stay one place, don't move, all I can hear from the back of the Toyota.  We arrive at Noonkanbah, Royal Flying Doctor was already there, took me to Noonkanbah clinic first, just to knock me out cold with the needle, put drip on me and flew me out to Derby Regional Hospital at Derby hospital the doctor told me, can you move your toes? Can you feel your foot? No I said, doctor did not tel me you join got lose a leg. It just happened. Just to save my life.  Then and after three months I went to Perth Shanton park rehab. I stay there for three or four years just to get back on my feet again. I thought Im not going to walk again. But I proved the doctors wrong. I told everybody, the nurse when I get out of the wheel chair I will not get back in again. Look at me now still walking.  Im now 52 years old. Some times it upsets me when anyone mentions my accident, sometimes Im proud."

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