Lumpu-lumpu - Daisy Andrews, 2010

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These are the hills around Lumpu-lumpu, a place with mixed memories for me. It is beautiful country with sad feelings from the past. This is my mother and father's country between Christmas Creek Station and Cherrabun Station. Before I was born my family lived around this area. It is good rocky country. There is good living water here. My father was killed here at Lumpu lumpu. Our people came down from Canning Stock Route, and stayed at Lumpu-lumpu, they speared some cattle there for tucker, the station men got angry and killed lots of our people, my brother Boxer told me this story, he saw it happen. He told me that those men killed our men and a lot of women too. They used to just kill the people and burn them they just put kerosene on them. After the massacres led by the cattlemen, the police came and made them people go to the stations and made them work. They was living there at the station and they would get sick of it and would run away, they weren't used to the cattle station, the police men would bring them back again. My father worked at Cherrabun station. The last time he ran away, the police men caught him and took him to jail in Broome. We waited for him at Cherrabun, when he got back he took me and my two brothers and two sisters to Moola Bulla station. There is lots of good mangarri (vegetable food) and Kuyi (game, also called kuyu) at Lumpu-lumpu

Daisy Andrews
Acrylic on Canvas
60 x 90cm


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